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Latest from the Blog:

I’ve just launched my dream. I’ve been researching paranormal activity for the last 16 or so years. I’ve joined many groups and tours and now I’m ready to start up a group from scratch with like-minded people who are also after the truth! I’m not a sceptic. I started having paranormal experiences from around six and half and it’s been in my life since. I’ve joined a few spiritual circles along the way and I’ve given messages out to people from ‘Platform’. I’ve given readings over email with just a name being given from the customer that wishes to receive messages from their loved ones. I’ve also given one to one readings with the customer in front of me. I sense them through feeling, knowing, hearing, seeing, sensing a presence. I can also distinguish between a good and bad presence.

I would love to continue this with you. Are you interested in joining me and starting up a brand new team? Do you have your own equipment? Are you experienced or a newbie? Please get in touch.

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