POLITICAL READ! What part of ”Brexit Now” don’t you understand?

What Part of “Brexit Now” Don’t You Understand? – Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org)


In voting to leave the E.U., the British were clearly voting to bring with them every part of their sovereignty that had been conceded to the E.U.—including the jurisdiction of their courts, the ability to make all of their laws, their territorial waters, and everything else.

So let’s say it directly. Any Brexit that doesn’t do all of those things isn’t Brexit.

There is no such thing as a “soft Brexit” any more than there is such a thing as a “soft” leaving your house in the morning or a “soft” pregnancy.

The drawing of a line at the giving away of governmental power is a very basic, human, and healthy self-protective instinct, which has been evident at many more points in history than just 1215. In 1258, for example, the Provisions of Oxford against Henry III, which established the parliament, were also a response to the King’s giving away power to a foreign European aristocratic class. Hundreds of years later, the Glorious Revolution would follow the exiling of a king on account of his desire to bring French law and religion to England. And as the normal, healthy act of a real demos (people), the result of the Brexit referendum is a similar reaction to a similar travesty.

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