I started looking for a good Ovilus two nights ago and if they weren’t “Out Of Stock” they were EXPENSIVE. So I had a thought, go look on the app store, I found a few good ones and most of them are FREE. I looked at a few and decided on ‘Paralus’ I’m not disappointed. I then looked for a full spectrum camera and there they were, all with adjustable filters so that you can change the filter when you wish to. Anyone else who’s been buying paranormal equipment recently and need a break from spending? These will suffice until more cash flow is available. Ghost hunting here I come.

Had really good results on mine, decided to try it before going to bed and after getting used to this ‘new voice’ in my home I left it on silent running in the background. Wow, the words coming out of it when I slept: “Beelzebub, heaven, you bet”, and other significant words that relate to the world right now and what I’m going through personally while fighting this regime.


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