Spiritual Veil

I’ve been busy over the last few months gaining back my Sovereignty and MY Freedom comes with it. The government (read Latin: Governo Mentis = govern mind/mind control) of the UK and indeed England no longer control this mind I was born with and given the good God sense that came with it when I, not you, were born into this free land of ours. The Land of Milk and Honey. Indeed, in my world that is Heaven! We are here already and to feel it and see it, take an Oath of Allegiance to a Baron of the UK and you’ll start to see the 3D world you live in, crumble before your eyes. Telegram is a great messaging app, taken off their website, not the app stores (because soon enough via them, they can track your device and manipulate you again). You are destined for a 5D world if you allow into your mind. Your left and right brain hemisphere need to come into alignment and start healing from being disconnected from their brainwaves coming over your networks, TVs, radios! Along with 5D, also listen to 8D music because it’s teaching my mind to listen everywhere around me. Use headphones, the effect is better. I’m safely under article 61 of the Great Charter, Magna Carta 1215!

My God given name is NOT ‘incorporated’ for Crown or Government Agents any-more! My name is not written by myself nor my parents in BLOCK CAPITALS, not even This WAY or any other way or place you wish to insert A CAPITAL LETTER and fraudulently CONTRACT me with for your deceptive ways into stealing money from a living man or living woman. Living men and living women can’t get into CONTRACT by Common Law, God’s Law. Governments take your birth name and CAPITALISE (CAPITALISM) it in some way because now they’ve made you an incorporation on their terms, they can now extort money from you!

Time to #RiseUp and meet your maker or creator! The veil is getting thinner. God Speed.

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