God is the Greatest One Here!

My own thoughts, my own opinions and humbly I put them down on here for you to question what you also have witnessed.

After finding myself descending into the pits of hell through this hoax pandemic and with no one listening to my dreams of what was to come and then it happening and no one using their own knowledge and God given sense of intellect and life education on many subjects (remember what you’ve been through in your life, the obstacles you’ve overcome, the personal lessons you’ve endured and overcome) the ability to research now from the comfort of your home and not as I and my generation used to have to do – go to a library for several hours depending on how in-depth you wanted to learn and know and then having to go back or check out the book/s to go deeper, it astonishes me that people in general don’t and haven’t researched facts into ‘covid’, Certificate Of Vaccination i.d. People haven’t had the sense to remember that God gave us an immune system. That the survival rate of this hoax (patented around 1990-2000) was/is 99.997% and that even if you ‘caught it’ you had a 0.003% chance of dying from ‘it’. People have been lead by the MainStream Media (MSM) into fear from the very start of January 2020 and henceforth into March 2020 when just three days before we were all locked-down it was downgraded by our UK government to a non highly infectious disease and one that we could have all gone about our business as usual and treated it like any other infection, i.e flu, cold etc. Which makes me ask the question now as I did then, where did those diseases and illnesses go when ‘covid’ came in? Was ‘covid’ so powerful that it outlawed all our other ailments and cured us of dying of them? If so, then why are we ‘vaccinating’ against such a miracle? (I say vaccinating lightly because no virus has been found or isolated yet, in which case NO vaccination can be man-made) God gave me a near perfect immune system to fight this anyhow and I do not fear dying to be with Him once again. I do not need to be aggressively coerced into having a JAB that is disabling and killing people throughout the world. I do not need to pay the coffers who are forcing this on the world. Even Fauci said, “why would i take it when i haven’t got symptoms?” while he laughed! They’ve said (amongst them, Fauci again)”You do not need to wear masks out in public unless you have symptoms and if you have symptoms (of a cold/flu) stay at home and self isolate!” Isn’t that what we, responsible people of the world do anyway? Of course, there’s those amongst us that regardless of how ill we are or feel, we go outside to carry on life as normal and go to work and infect others who then have to have time off, because those people are indeed responsible people. Surely, telling someone to their face to, “go home!” would have been better than to shut down the whole world to fit the agenda of taking our freedoms away altogether, over time? All those millions of people who have now lost their families, jobs, careers, businesses, friends, health (through lockdown) and now suffering mental health as a consequence surely would have faired better if we’d been less fearful of a virus that hasn’t been isolated and proven to exist and more verbal in the face of those who refuse to self isolate at the start of cold/flu symptoms? When are people going to finally wake up to what’s really happening? When are they going to realise that the NHS app telling you to self isolate is your own fault and basically you telling yourself to self isolate from someone who didn’t exist in the vicinity of app telling you ‘they’ were. A million people will be randomly selected to self isolate every day. Randomly selected! The hospital wards were not overflowing to the point of bursting, for if they were Tik-Tok would not have seen so many nurses and health care assistants making up routines and dancing. How can they find the time amongst the swamped patients they lead you to believe they had? I’m telling you this from an ex HCA who, before lockdown was inundated with shifts for HCA positions in all the sectors of Health Care. March 2020, saw my last shift come through. I waited and waited for a shift until July when I sought other work from other agencies and finally got one in July and started in September! That’s overworked and understaffed for you. I still had my DBS so I could have started straight away but the ‘overworked and understaffed’ wasn’t adding up. I ended up testing students and staff at a University and found that the numbers were being fudged through the test stick. We were having to strain our eyes to see a ‘fainter than faint’ line so that it could be marked down as a positive result. We were blood testing before PCR testing (PCR’s are NOT meant to be used for this type of testing. Kary Mullis quite clearly states this) PCR’s do NOT give accurate results after magnifying over 25x and yet most testing is done at 40-45 whereby you will find EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING is found.

When will people ‘Wake Up’? There is so much at our fingertips nowadays and yet people still refuse to think for themselves and research in a time that everything can be found in your own space and lockdown certainly gave us all time to do this. What did you do? Carry on with ‘playing video’ games, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Or did you grow up and learn something deep and meaningful, like the governments of the world are seeking to control every aspect of your life? Like, soon enough there’ll be no high street banks and everything is monitored and payed as you continue to be a slave to the system that should be our voice because we’ve voted them in to stand for us? Civil SERVANTS are playing God, which part can you not see? Civil SERVANTS should be doing our bidding and we should be telling them what to do. We shouldn’t still be living in squalor while they lap it up in luxury and millions around the world die of starvation after living in the dirt their whole lives! Millions/Billions have been donated to ‘charities’ across the world, where are they? I’ll hazard a guess… built the founder of the ‘charity’ a luxurious home to prance around in with the best of the riches of this world. Why do I say this? Because years ago I read how the founder of Oxfam is one of the richest men alive due to his ‘founding’. Just recently in our High Street (July/August) Cancer Research had a closing and a refurbishment. A REFURBISHMENT!!!! In a pandemic where thousands have lost their livelihoods! How disgusting, how vile is that? And right under our noses when lockdown had lifted and everyone was clambering to be outside again and ‘shop’ or window shop as most can only do. I’m appalled at this world the devil seems to have a hold of. I’m appalled that people don’t research: mask wearing, rule of six and 2 metres apart (6 feet) I’m appalled that rituals take place now in public and people take no notice (Cornwall, G7 Summit, Hell’s Mouth, Cornwall suicide) and most people don’t see the wood for the trees. You’re all being distracted by silly games in your hands. You’re all being taken over by the brainwashing of TV stations and corporations, the BBC being the biggest I know in the UK. Just take a look at Resistance GB on YouTube and see what a lot of protestors are seeing and doing for you and your children. Children are protesting because even they see it, albeit initially through the eyes of their parents but their conviction is of confidence and astounding to me. I’m not here to show you my proof that I’ve gathered since March 2020, that’s another ‘nanny state’ of affairs you want to have to make it easier for you to grasp onto. I’m here to prick your conscience and to try to make you research the truth before it’s too late. I’m not going to make it easier because i’m not your parent either that gives you choices one way or another. I just hope that the day you wake up to what’s happening to everyone on this planet is not the day that you’re enslaved into something you can no longer get out of or fight because you have no energy or positivity left in you, believe me the struggle is real and it’s draining and it’s exhausting and it leaves you believing you’re nothing worth saving. If this is your world now, imagine what your children are going to have to go through because you didn’t make the choice to stand up for your freedoms or theirs. Airlines are refusing to fly some recipients of the different jabs because they cause blood clots. And yet, you are told to take at least 2 jabs now to fly! Are you that desperate to ‘go on holiday’ that you’d do this without checking all the rules and regulations surrounding this ‘shit show’? Have you checked out the Yellow Card system of side effects on the governments website in the UK or the VAERS website for the USA? Have you checked them out yet? Have you checked the media websites for the victims of these jabs and their true stories that aren’t being told to you on the MSM news channels? Why aren’t they showing these stories? Is it because they’re so heavily involved in the cover up that they stand to lose (in their agenda) more than they stand to gain? Is it because once they’ve ‘signed themselves over to the devil’, they can’t forfeit due to threats and violence and even having their own lives taken? I’ve known people in my personal life that have suffered abuse because they’ve had other members of the family threatened with, “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill your Mother and Father!” That pretty much keeps you quiet as a child and even as a adult you’ll be hesitant at taking the risk just in case.

My salvation through all the research that I’ve done since March 2020 and the experience I’ve had throughout these unprecedented times has been to slowly turn to Jesus Christ and God and in doing so, I’ve gone back to church to be with people who know he exists and prays to be with Him in the hereafter. I’ve known Him and Jesus since a child, I got refused to be with Him at certain points in my life but I carried them with me regardless which is why when this struck me down in July, They were the ones I turned to. No one else knew me like Them and no one will know me as good as Them. I’ve never felt at such peace as I do now that I’m back in Their arms. It wasn’t an easy journey because the devil and his demons work their disgusting words on you and try to make you believe that you’re not saveable, that you’re going to be with them in their domain. But I’m here to tell you THAT YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN HAVE SALVATION and know for sure that you’ll be in Jesus’ arms and beside God, Our Heavenly Father forever. How do you do that? you may ask. Find a church you feel comfortable in and that has similar if not the exact feelings and thoughts about who you believe Jesus and God to be. Find a church that believes in the Holy Trinity ( The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit) some believe that God is all three or that all three live in God, some believe that The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost are separate. There’s a difference, know yourself and go seek the church you fit into. Believe your heart and what it tells you no matter what others try to dictate (I’ve had recent experience of this and you have to stand strong, don’t be swayed by what others dictate but do take notice and respect their beliefs, you may even find that their beliefs sits better with you than you thought and take them on as your own too, you may find a little bit of everything is good for you) Don’t think but do feel instead. That takes a bit of getting used to. Our minds can and will play tricks on us at the best of times, this time will be even more tricky to begin with so listen to your heart. You may find, like myself that when you’re deciphering all these new messages in your head that well known sayings and songs come to mind, it’s all relevant. Movies may take on a whole new meaning to you. Headlines jump out like never before. Someone will say something random or well versed and it’s meaning to you is enormous, sometimes scary, sometimes causing panic. Don’t let the panic take over, it’s not worth it, it’s the demons at work trying to make the new positive you with a new heart forming around Jesus and God, feel like you’ve got it all wrong. You haven’t, they’re trying to hold onto you with all their might. Don’t allow it and keep saying positive things in your mind or out loud so that the loudness of your voice is heard above the dimness of theirs. I’ve slowly drowned them out to the point that only occasionally now do I ‘hear’ them and no sooner have they come, they’re gone! Sometimes I get a ‘grip’ in my solar plexus where I’ve read a verse in the Bible and it’s panicked me to a high degree and I’m scared. I have my reverend on text to help me to decipher that and I use him and his lovely wife (who is also a preacher) and they have put me and the demons straight. They’ve seen me weep and heard me blubber. I’ve told them I feel like a burden, they’ve replied I am a joy! Me, a joy? Yes, because you’re hungry to learn and want to know and asking questions, they’ve replied. You are not a burden to the advocates of Jesus and Our Heavenly Father on earth, you are a joy to behold and Our Heavenly Father can’t wait for you to accept His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ as your Saviour so that you can ALL have a relationship and ALL know each other better again. Can you imagine not speaking to your family members for days, weeks, months or even years, maybe decades for some (like myself) and then for you to suddenly start up a conversation with Him that has been waiting for that moment to arrive? He knows when you’re coming back to Him and He has been waiting for that day to arrive since you stopped or were born into this world from His that you left. The feelings are overwhelming at the beginning and you wonder why you stopped in the first place, you wonder if He’ll accept you after turning your back on Him, you wonder if you’re good enough for Him now, you wonder if all you’ve done wrong will be forgotten, you wonder if you’ll be forgiven for everything! You may even be repulsed by your past actions (sins). Your sins are forgiven as soon as you accept Jesus as your saviour. Your sins are not to be repeated. You can’t be saved if you ask for forgiveness and then do it all again. It can take a little while to turn your whole life around depending on how much you have to turn. In my present situation I am turning completely away from sinning (as a single woman, who’s had two children out of wedlock (because I saw marriages all around me that weren’t good, that had arguments every day, that hated each other, that fought each other and I decided that if that was marriage, I didn’t want it!) I will not be climbing into bed with another man unless I have the right man presented to me by God and it’s the correct thing to do. I’m happy with that (I’m not an old woman that doesn’t have much life in me and oh, well nothing to lose! I’m in my 50’s) but this time I’m having Faith in Our Father that if I’m meant to marry someone He will bring Him to me or I to Him and we’ll go from there. I’m tired of trying to work out the guys who pretend to be good until they have their feet under my table and then it’s all their way and if it’s not done their way it’s abusive and threatening and me being scared or on my guard every day about what the day is going to be like. I’m not perfect, never have been and never will be. God knows this and accepts me as Him child yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever more. This is what real Fathers are like. This is what Our Heavenly Father is like. This is why He sent His perfect Son to us, in order for us to be saved alongside Him. He took the punishment for US ALL, for every one of OUR SINS, from before He was conceived to now because, let’s face it what Father wouldn’t want their children to come back home to Him, The One who created you in His image? If He doesn’t want you back then He’s denying a part of Himself and He doesn’t deny Himself one bit. You have no shame once you accept Jesus. You may feel shameful but that feeling needs to go. You may dislike yourself for what you’ve done to yourself or others but that needs to go, with every, “Dear Heavenly Father/God. I’m sorry for…(insert your list). In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen” because He will and does forgive those that are truly sorry in their hearts. And if you’re thinking of doing it in the hope of being saved and don’t feel it in your hearts, He’ll know, because He sees into our hearts. Our minds will always come up with a ‘negative’ word or thought, it’s how this world has brainwashed us to think in order to have us behave like the devil (Lucifer = Angel of Music = Fallen Angel) but try over time to stop those thoughts and they slowly diminish and replace them with another thought as quickly as possible. I’ve been told by my Rev. and his wife that in a year’s time I’ll look back and see just how far I’ve come in my thoughts and how I’m feeling about everything I’ve done as a sinner. I can tell you already that since December when I had my experience with The Holy Spirit that entered into me, that my thoughts and feelings are enlightened. I’m not ‘there yet’ but I’ve seen 90% of the dark thoughts go. I see God all around me now and I know this is through the saving from Jesus in my life. I look around at the people worshipping the devil still and I pray they let God into their heart as soon as possible and not wait for this earthly death to happen before knowing Him.

Stick with your journey. Don’t disrespect anyone’s else’s way of living. Allow each person to follow their path and know that God has already won this spiritual war. God is the only Supernatural Power we have and that everything else is a fake. This coming from me, who used to sit in ‘circles’, talk to the dead, stood on platform and gave messages from dead relatives and believed wholeheartedly that I was connecting to God’s realm 100%. I can now truthfully tell you, it’s all a fake act to get as much money, sympathy, ‘likes’, followers, attendance and to fill as many chairs as possible to make the group leader feel significant in this world. The only feeling of significance you need to search for is through knowing you are, amongst all these billions of children of God as significant as every single one of us. He loves us all equally and differently according to our wants and needs and He knows exactly how to satisfy them individually. You don’t get lumped in with everyone else and feeling like you’re missing something because ‘her wants and needs aren’t mine, so why do I have to have hers and not mine filled’, He knows you personally and He knows how to love you personally and individually too. Speak to Him, through Jesus and watch how your life will transform too.

Some recommendations to get you used to God and knowing the Bible (His Word) more clearly is a preacher called Stephen Michels, Biblical Discipleship. Start with If The Son Sets You Free part 1 and 2, Always a Slave, Out Of Egypt, Fighting on Your Knees, Identity Crisis part 1, 2 and 3, Mark (you’ll get to know Jesus’ through this one) and go from there. I’m not trying to tell you in which way to watch them, it’s just my experience in knowing which ones brought me more comfort being knowing the other books of God’s words because some can and will scare the living daylights out of you, if you don’t (like me) understand how it’s been written. He is lovely to listen to and learn by too.

I do hope this has given you some ‘courage’ to go seek your God, Our Heavenly Father in your own time. I do wish you all happiness and a peaceful journey while you discover yourself and who God means to you. I pray that your journey is less frightening than mine was. You may lose ‘friends’ that you thought was for a lifetime, have Faith that new friends will show themselves to be more true than you’d have ever believed. Know that God has already won us all back and that we’re ‘playing’ a part that we ‘signed up for’ long before you were ever a twinkling in your parent’s eyes. Know in your heart that every parent will forgive you if you’re honest and true about your faults (sins). This world is set up to be sinful, you had little choice because we’ve all been born into it one way or another. The love of money is the root of all evil. Paying for necessities through our ‘high teeth’ is part of the agenda to suppress us and make us believe that working 24/7 for what we want is the way to go. Material stuff isn’t Godly. You can’t take any of it with it. There’s no smoking in Heaven and drinking isn’t necessary to be happy either. Wearing a mask, indicates the old saying, “children should be seen and not heard!” God wishes to hear your voice and not be silent, so guess who made that line a saying? God does not need slaves because He created the Heavens and the Earth, so why would He need slaves to do His bidding, fetching and carrying? Guess who needs you to worship him, keep quiet until he speaks to you and do his fetching and carrying like a little minion? He’s keeping you busy on his devices so that you don’t catch on to what’s going on around you. He’s taught you what he wants you to know and not the truth which will set you free. History and lessons in school have been doctored to fit his agenda. The real history books are locked away from us so we don’t get to know the truth until we die. I could go on and on, so I’m going to leave it there.

God bless you for reading this and getting this far. I’ll continue praying for you and fighting for you until you pray and fight for yourself. See you in Heaven. Kisses and hugs xxoo

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