I can’t say this enough, please watch this video and share the fuck out of it! We, The People need to see this all over the world. Take back your billionaire STRAWMAN made for you by government birth certificate using your birth name in CAPITAL LETTERS and so creating the STRAWMAN that they can nowContinue reading “STRAWMAN”

Spiritual Veil

I’ve been busy over the last few months gaining back my Sovereignty and MY Freedom comes with it. The government (read Latin: Governo Mentis = govern mind/mind control) of the UK and indeed England no longer control this mind I was born with and given the good God sense that came with it when I,Continue reading “Spiritual Veil”


I started looking for a good Ovilus two nights ago and if they weren’t “Out Of Stock” they were EXPENSIVE. So I had a thought, go look on the app store, I found a few good ones and most of them are FREE. I looked at a few and decided on ‘Paralus’ I’m not disappointed.Continue reading “Ovilus”


I’ve ‘braved’ it (LOL) and set up the equipment to detect any paranormal activity in my home. I’ve not seen or felt anything since December 2020 and was wondering if I could contact whoever was here. I got NOTHING so far and I’ve been through half of my recordings so far. I don’t know ifContinue reading “FIRST VIGIL: MY HOUSE!”

P-SB7T Spirit Box came today!

So excited about this piece of equipment that I used it as soon as I opened it. Have documented the few words I could make out. Still waiting for my EVP recorder to arrive. I’ve ordered my cameras too, they should be here any day now. EXCITED MUCH?


I’ve now received some of the equipment I ordered on Sunday. I’m so excited to be able to start using some of it in my home already. I have some ideas about booking hotel rooms for now just to get me back in the field again AND there’s plenty of spirited hotels and places toContinue reading “EMF and TEMP SENSOR, ULTRAVIOLET AND POWER TORCH; NEW EQUIPMENT ARRIVED TODAY!”

POLITICAL READ! What part of ”Brexit Now” don’t you understand?

What Part of “Brexit Now” Don’t You Understand? – Foundation for Economic Education ( EXCERPT: Unless the British Government Implements All of Brexit, It Isn’t Brexit In voting to leave the E.U., the British were clearly voting to bring with them every part of their sovereignty that had been conceded to the E.U.—including the jurisdictionContinue reading “POLITICAL READ! What part of ”Brexit Now” don’t you understand?”


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